We would like to invite ethnomusicologists as one of the most important content provider to a musical journey on CLANG. Please share your field-recordings and the treasures in your personal and institutional archives with us and the world. Please visit www.clangmusic.com and Login as Label/Institution or Artist to upload your music.

CLANG’s beta intends to change the way we experience music: CLANG is a social network letting you discover music artists on a world map and share awesome songs from „then and now" with everyone. We believe in the power of music and in fair payment for those who create it.

At CLANG we know that music is the result of incredible creativity and it’s highly personal. Every song has its own context, every artist his own story. This is what touches us about music but in order to really reach us, artists, researcher, and archives need the space to show this context and tell their story. CLANG is following this holistic approach to provide an amazing music experience to music lovers and specialists and guarantee a fair share for the artists paying out more than 80% of the revenue.

For questions and inquiries please write to: salim[aet]clangmusic.com or edda[aet]brandes-kraatz.de.